Design Process

Drafting Services

CAD Design Implementation
This is where your specific project takes shape.  All details are included: hardscapes, softscapes, specific site features discussed in the initial meeting.  Every item is labeled and drawn to a specific scale.
A detailed proposal is created from the design.  All items are included in the proposal so there are absolutely no questions regarding price.
Plant List
A plant list is included with the design so you can see every plant you are getting; we have several resources on information for all plants that we can share with you at that time.  Pictures for all plants are available as well.

Design Presentation

Schedule Design Meeting
This is where you get to see your masterpiece.  A copy of the design is given to you as well as the detailed proposal and plant lists.
Design Walkthrough
We discuss with you in person every detail of the design, how long each part will take, and exactly what each part entails.   We also go over the proposal and go over total costs.
Questions and Revisions
Any questions you have will be answered.  Any revisions or changes that you would like to see will be implemented into a new revised design.